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History of Theta Chi.

The Nu Sigma Chi Fraternity was founded at Arkansas State University in January, 1985.  It was organized by several students who were unable to find an existing fraternity on campus that offered the things they were looking for.

    They were looking for an organization that successfully combined the qualities of: above average scholarship; a binding fellowship that resulted from the respect and love of their fellow brothers; being depended on for both university and community service; a group that could promote both the fraternal system and Arkansas State; recognizing the importance of religious beliefs; promotion of responsible socializing; and last, but not least, a fraternal group whose brotherhood continued on even after leaving Arkansas State.

    The growing number of men had discussed the possibilities of colonizing with many of the various national fraternities which were not currently represented at ASU.  After exploring many good nationals, the group came to the conclusion that they most idealized with the standards of the Sigma Chi International Fraternity.

    They immediately enlisted the services of their current alumni adviser, Clint Relyea, a Sigma Chi alumnus from Denver University, who at that time was a graduate student.  Shortly thereafter, faculty member Dr. Randy Odom joined the group as faculty advisor.

    By this time, twenty men had come together for the purpose of establishing Nu Sigma Chi Local Fraternity. A constitution was written, and the Sigma Chi Grand Praetor for the Oklahoma/Arkansas Province, Al Cuite, from Tulsa, visited the brothers.  Al brought with him two active members of Sigma Chi from the University of Arkansas, as well as a Sigma Chi alumnus from Pittsburgh State University in Kansas, Robert Craig, of Newport.  Robert has since joined Clint in serving as an advisor for Nu Sigma Chi Fraternity.

    The first initiation was held on April 21, 1985.  Sigma Chi Grand Trustee and University of Arkansas alumnus George Jernigan, from Little Rock, another Sigma Chi Alumnus from Pittsburgh State, two undergraduate representatives from Memphis State University and the two Nu Sigma Chi alumni advisors performed the first ever Nu Sigma Chi initiation activities.

    In May, a letter of intent to colonize with Sigma Chi International Fraternity was sent to their national headquarters in Evanston, Illinois.  The Letter of Intent was approved by the Sigma Chi Executive Committee at its next regular session.   With this behind them, Nu Sigma Chi, an official petitioning colony of Sigma Chi International Fraternity, was on its way!

    The length of time that Nu Sigma Chi served as a local fraternity, which is usually no less than one year, was used to demonstrate to the Sigma Chi fraternity that it (Nu Sigma Chi) was worthy of being granted a charter.

    During the summer of 1985, a "summer retreat" was held to get the brothers back together again and to plan for the coming year.  About a month later, in August, five of the brothers attended the Sigma Chi Leadership Training Workshop.  At the Workshop, which was held in Bowling Green, Ohio, the brothers learned ways to advance their efforts of becoming a Sigma Chi chapter.

    Also during the summer, they were able the use of the old fraternity house, which was located at 1900 Aggie Road.

The Nu Sigma Chi fraternity achieved its goal of becoming a chapter of Sigma Chi fraternity.  Installation of the Theta Chi chapter of Sigma Chi took place on January the 10th, 1987.